• Liz Huber

How to Start a Coaching Business (Podcast)

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

I am excited to bring you this interview on the Influenced Podcast with my friends Tom Kuegler (Host of the Influenced Podcast) and Mike Thompson (Career Coach). Tom interviews me on my journey to building a thriving coaching practice and Mike is jumping in from time to time to add his point of view

Here are some of the highlights we talk about:

02:13 - My story on how I got into coaching and my struggles early on

07:00 - How I overcame my fears

09:20 - What you need to start a coaching practice

15:45 - How to get coaching leads

21:00 - Should you start with designing your coaching package or acquiring clients?

25:40 - How to do effective discovery calls

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You can download the Freebie for this Episode, my Discovery Call Script here: http://bit.ly/discoverycallscript