• Liz Huber

The Importance Of Email Lists (Podcast)

I am excited to share another interview I recently did on the Influenced Podcast with my friends Tom Kuegler (Host of the Influenced Podcast), Mike Thompson (Career Coach) and Brian Pennie (Speaker & Author). Tom interviews me on how I built my email list, mistakes I made in the beginning and why it is so important to have an email list for me as a coach. Mike and Brian are jumping in from time to time to give their point of view.

Here are some of the highlights we talk about:

02:02 - My story with email lists I When I figured out I needed an email list

03:38 - My rookie mistakes

07:10 - How to create a great freebie for your audience

10:30 - Why is it important to have a freebie to grow your list?

11:50 - What are the benefits of having an email list?

14:32 - How large does your list need to be to start selling?

16:38 - How I am growing my list

20:44 - How to nurture your email list and provide value consistently

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