• Liz Huber

The Riches are in the Niches (Podcast)

I am excited to share another interview I recently did on the Influenced Podcast with my friends Tom Kuegler (Host of the Influenced Podcast), Mike Thompson (Career Coach) and Brian Pennie (Speaker & Author). Tom interviews me and Mike and Brian are jumping in from time to time to give their point of view.

Here are some of the highlights we talk about:

01:20 - Why it is important to have a niche

08:48 - What exactly is a niche?

14:07 - How do you find your niche?

25:50 - Mistakes to avoid when deciding on your niche

31:55 - Indicators for great niche markets

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You can download the Freebie for this Episode, my Market Research Template here: http://bit.ly/survey-target-market