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My Story


When I started my own company I had a clear goal: to finally have the freedom to work on whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted and wherever I wanted. I quit my job to pursue the freedom to do what I love and to be happier, more successful and finally fulfilled.


But 3 months in I found myself:

  • overwhelmed and burnt out by all the things I had to do

  • full of self-doubt about my ability, skills, and experience

  • unable to focus on one thing due to fear of missing out on better opportunities

  • constantly anxious about not working enough and not being able to pay my bills


To say the least, I was unhappy, unfulfilled and completely stressed out all the time. I felt worse than I did before quitting my job. Because my dream of owning my own business had turned into a nightmare.


That's when I realized that success and happiness are an INSIDE JOB. You can have all the funding money, business idea and network you want, but if you can't manage yourself and your mind, you will fail or end up being miserable.


That's why today I help entrepreneurs build a life and business they are obsessed with by creating their toolkit for success: 

  • the right mindset to achieve anything they want

  • the right systems, habits, and tools to execute with clarity, confidence, and focus





How I Work


As a Mindset & Productivity Coach, I work with entrepreneurs, freelancers, and startups from all over the world in 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions via Phone or Skype. 


All sessions include a recording and a summary e-mail with further links, resources, and exercises (if applicable).


I offer single sessions (see below) as well as coaching packages which are individually tailored based on your needs (session frequency, program length, etc.).



Want to Know More?

If you are interested in working with me, I invite you to schedule a FREE Discovery Call where we'll discuss your goals and expectations and see whether we are a fit. No strings attached and completely free!


Please note that I solely work with entrepreneurs, self-employed individuals, businesses and individuals who want to start their own business. 


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Lisa is more than a coach, she is like a friend. I felt an instant connection the minute we started talking! Lisa helped me work through my insecurities with writing my first book. We talked through ways I could find inspiration and plan a better routine for my vision. I felt so charged after we met and can't wait to apply her knowledge the next time I sit down to write!

Amy, VP iprice Group

Lisa fully understands the struggle that young entrepreneurs are going through. She has the business experience, but simultaneously looks at the potential struggles that withhold people from achieving their goals. She helped me getting a structured long-term vision on where I want to be and an understanding of what my limiting beliefs are. She's a perfect fit for first time founders who need structure and a bit of a push to start their business.

Ahmad, CEO VoxEra

Liz is charismatic character full of energy with great knowledge in self-development & Entrepreneurship. She aligned my vision on customer feedback and marketing strategies along with sharing her productivity tools for growth.

What They Say About Me...

Manage yourself first,

and the rest will follow.